All in one tool for KYC / AML

Automated onboarding & monitoring

Streamline your onboarding experience and automatically capture risk decision data in one quick and easy dashboard.

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Why Quickr

KYC & AML built for the future. Available today

PEP & Sanctions

We screen your customers against national Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) registries, international Sanctions lists and the Interpol criminal warrant database.

API first design

Quickr is designed to be API first and easily integrated with your existing workflow. The Quickr web app is intuitive and works in harmony via API with your CRM.

Verified identities
& signatures

We accept several nationally approved eID signatures and validate customer identities as part of the KYC & contracting step of our boarding procedure.

All-in-one KYC / AML
& contracting tool

Based solely on a customer's registration number we produce a pre-filled customer declaration form (KYC) along with your commercial contract in one seamless step for your customer to verify and approve.

Automatic case reviews
& updates

Once completed, a Customer Due Diligence (CDD) case is automagically reviewed and approved when relevant, or escalated for a manual review.

Updates to a case are available in both the web app and via our web hooks and API.

Monitoring & alerts

Once approved, a CDD case is scheduled for monthly monitoring.

This ensures that any material changes to the KYC criteria are captured and highlighted as part of the Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) process and regulatory compliance measures.

Lightning fast onboarding

Say goodbye to manual processes. Our KYC solution enables rapid customer onboarding, enhancing customer experience and saving time.
  • Create onboarding case with API or from Dashboard
  • Select what information you want declared
  • Add attachments, terms, agreements in one onboarding flow

Pre-filled KYC form

Quickr automatically generates a pre-filled declaration form based on publicly available information.
  • Pre-fills company information
  • Pre-fills board members and CEO
  • Pre-fills ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs)
  • Pre-fills signatories

Digital identification and signing

View the status of the signature requests you've sent to your customers.
  • BankID for Norway
  • BankID for Sweden
  • MitID for Denmark
  • Finnish Trust Network (FTN) for Finland

Continuous monitoring

Once your customer is approved, they will be scheduled for regular monitoring according to your own frequency preferences.
  • Automatic monitoring of customers
  • Choose your desired monitoring frequency
  • Run manual checks if needed

Our prices

Startup fee
Establishment fee
449 EUR
Licence fee
Monthly fee for licence (unlimited users)
per month
Onboarding with KYC/AML
Includes agreement, eID, signing, PEP, Sanction, Criminal Watchlist of Board members and CEO.
per Company
Company monitoring with PEP, Sanction and Criminal watchlist check of CEO & Board members.
per ODD
Credit check
Get credit score, financial information & payment remarks

Frequently asked questions

How frequently can I monitor customers?

You can fully customise the (ODD) Ongoing Due Diligence monitoring frequency per Check type to meet your requirements.

Example: Daily PEP/Sanction Checks, Monthly Credit Checks, Yearly UBO Checks.

Will I need to pay per user?


You only pay for the app and its use, for the time you intend to use it. Nothing more. Have as many users as you want for no additional cost.

If you have an existing tool were your users operate, take a look at our API documentation to see how to make your own integration for an end-to-end workflow.

Can I use the web app and API together?


Our design is API first, but you can choose to use only the API, only the web app, or both of them combined. The price is the same, and the combination is seamless.

What is a pre-filled KYC?

Once we receive the business, we will retrieve all available data and pre-fill the customer declaration form for them to review and approve.

From experience, this removes a lot of frictions and speeds up the declaration process - and - reduce the rate of human error from data entry.

How is Quickr automatic?

Quickr will first establish that all KYB information requirements are complete, then review the case data for any adverse data or disallowed risk criteria. When a case due diligence is complete and the applicant is rated accordingly, you can choose to automatically board a new customer.

Quickr can be configured to auto-approve such applicants. Where adverse or negative results are identified, a customer will be placed under "manual review" where an agent needs to perform a manual assessment for quality assurance.

Which sources are used for AML checks?

Quickr sources its data via public and private registries specialising in company, credit and AML data. The AML data includes local lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Sanctions lists (EU, UN ++) along with the Interpol criminal warrants database.

Can I get custom branding?


Your customer will receive and experience a branded KYC declaration form, using your brand, customised checks, and descriptive text for instructions. In the future, we will be able to provide even further customisation and are already working on some new features to support this.

What about audit trails and data export?

Every application and the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) case file is available online, with comments, supplementary documents and monitoring logs.

Further, all files can be exported as a PDF file to any required third-party or authority who requires insight into an audit trail of a particular CDD with the Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) logs attached.
Quickr for Companies
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